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Eagle Haven Computers, Inc. Position – Receptionist/Bookkeeper

Required Skills: Knowledge of MS Office (Word, Excel), QuickBooks, bookkeeping, general office skills.


Receptionist – take phone calls, make appointments, call customers, take customer orders, checkout customers at Point of Sale, keep track of company vehicle use, keep track of employee hours/days off, etc.

Bookkeeper – maintain/transfer daily receipts from Point of Sale to Quickbooks, prepare weekly payroll, and prepare necessary gov’t documents/reports in a timely manner, place orders for inventory and special orders at the request of staff, put inventory items into POS and label each item, etc.

Training: Staff will provide training of POS use, inventory, sales, preparation of documents, ordering, office procedures, etc.

Hours: 40 hrs. a week, 8 am to 4 pm, M-F (subject to change)

Position will have a 90-day probationary period, then evolve into full-time status if performance is acceptable.

Wages: Commensurate with experience and training.  Negotiable at the start of the probationary period and upon completion.

Benefits as listed in the company manual (subject to change). 

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