Thank you for your interest, We are adding products every day and only have a portion of our inventory listed. If there is anything you are not seeing, please feel free to contact us and inquire. We specialize in creating custom solutions for your business as well as technology upgrades to your residence, including security, networking, cell boosters, etc.

$15,120.00 $14,400.00 BUY NOW Watch The Video Here: $1,785.00 $1,700.00 Watch The Video Here: BUY NOW Temperature using the Wrist with Door Lock Control Functions $837.90 $130.00 BUY NOW Watch The Video Here:

New Notebook Case (Pink)

Christmas Floor Mat/Pet Mat/Desk Mat

Custom System

Looking for custom systems? Whether gaming, business or server class, just ask!


We can help! We offer consulting on more complicated installs & then install your equipment to make sure it’s hassle free!

Doing remote work?

Are you working from home or offsite? Is you child doing home schooling? We can help!